Winter Brewing Delight: Introducing the Old Country Chocolate Stout!Winter is a season that calls for hearty and rich brews, and at Burleigh Homebrew, we know just the beer to warm you up on a cold wintry night. Introducing our delightful creation, the “Old Country Chocolate Stout”! In this blog post, we’ll take you on a […]

PACIFIC PALE ALE (Hopped extract recipe)

STONE & WOOD PACIFIC ALE STYLE INGREDIENTS: 1.5kg can Wheat Liquid malt extract (or extra pale) 1.5kg can Morgans Pacific Pale Ale 50gms Galaxy Hops US05 yeast PROCESS: Sit the cans of extract in warm to hot water to become viscous. Pour into fermenter to dilute with cold water and top up to 23 litres. […]


PRICE CRASH ON ALL KEGERATORS KITS AT BURLEIGH HOMEBREW         SECURE YOURS NOW                    TAKING ORDERS NOW SO BE QUICK This kit includes;                               Latest kegerator with 1,2 or 3 stainless taps                                                            2.6kg CO2 bottle (full)                               CO2 regulator                               Brand new kegs; 1 tap=1 keg, 2 tap= 2 kegs etc.                               Disconnects […]


  At Burleigh Homebrew we have a regular Home-brewing workshop that will give you firsthand experience on how to homebrew at home and where to start. The workshop entails basic extract brewing and moves on to undertaking a partial brew where we will demonstrate all the processes of milling grain, steeping and doing a boil […]

The Homebrewing Process.

Homebrewing your favourite beer is becoming a favourite pastime for many people of all ages and many varied backgrounds. Here at Burleigh Homebrew we have most of the ways and means to begin. It doesn’t have to take too much of your time and is a great hobby that has an enjoyable reward at the […]


These workshops happen every 2-3mths, so give us a call if you’re interested in coming to the next one. Are you thinking of taking up Homebrewing but don’t know whether you’re up for it? Well on certain Saturdays you’ll be able to find out. Come along to our Homebrewing workshop and you’ll learn about making […]


HEY, Does your Dad love a beer? Don’t know what to get him for FATHERS DAY? I reckon a Homebrewing Premium Starter Kit will bring a smile to his face. At the moment we have these kits on special for only $80, that’s $20 off. The perfect FATHERS DAY prezzie. Each kit includes everything you […]

NEWSFLASH: Homebrewing is making a comeback!!!

And it’s easy to see why you should be a Homebrew maker…………; The price of buying alcohol is going up……again! The excellent standard and variety of homebrew has hit a new high, it doesn’t taste like the homebrew of old. You could make a brew to the quality of a craft brewery. The average price […]


THE WHEAT BEER Hazy and cloudy, these fruity and zesty beers are a crisp and refreshing style. WHEAT GLORIOUS WHEAT It doesn’t matter if they’re light or dark, or if they’re called Witbier, Weissbier, Dunkel, Hefeweizen or Kristalweizen, Wheat Beers all have one thing in common. They’re made with plenty of (you guessed it!) Wheat. […]