So, you’re a lover of a cold glass of beer, but you hate that it’s costing you more and more to buy a carton of your favourite brew.

What if I told you that you’re able to get that favourite beer for a third of the price!!

No, it’s not off the back of a truck… It’s HOMEBREW.

Now before you start carrying on about how ordinary homebrew is or how it tastes like bananas.

Have you tasted any lately??

The homebrew you can make today is nothing like the homebrew your old man or grandad used to make.  The major homebrew suppliers have taken all the hard work out of brewing with their research and years of experience to create cans of liquid goodness.

The choices of hopped can malt extracts available today are amazing and they just about cover all styles of beers made available by commercial and craft breweries from all around the world.

The variety of fresh hop pellets, malts, grains and yeasts that are accessible today to your everyday homebrewer would have been unheard of, 20 years ago.

So for prices ranging from $25-$50 you can make 2 ½+ cartons of preservative free beer that will bring a smile to your face and make your mates envious.

Call in and say hello to Mick or Todd at Burleigh Homebrew and we’ll show you where to start.