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  • Coral Sea Products has responded to customer feedback with a rum that is not quite as sweet as the original, but still retains the character. Initial feedback for this product has been very good, and we market it in 50ml bottles (30 per carton) which is sufficient for 2.2 litres of alcohol. The product was formulated to compliment a base produced from acivated carbon filtration and oaking using American Barrel Oak.

  • When mixed according to instructions, it produces a rich, smooth, yet full bodied dark rum resembling another well known Queensland icon. This is the taste of the tropics. The rum essence, which is supplied in a 200 ml container, is sufficient to flavour 3.5 litres of rum. The essence is made from a blend of refined cane sugars with no added preservatives. Unopened, the essence has a very long shelf life, but is best when used within two years. The rum produced, may be enjoyed with your favourite mixer, or simply over ice to provide a rich smooth satisfying drink. Once you have sampled the rum produced by mixing this essence, you will not be satisfied with any other substitute.

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